I applaud the honorable efforts by IDF to minimize the deaths of Palestinian children. Where is the world outcry for Hamas to stop killing children by hiding behind them?

If Palestinian supporters world wide want to save children, they need to demand Palestinians cease helping Hamas.

Hamas is still torturing the children they kidnapped from Israel. Children who are being forced to learn Arabic to obtain a sip of water, and other unmentionable atrocities. This torture is committed by Hamas supporters, supporters who are also guilty of terrorism. The world needs to demand release of all the hostages.

Only Israel is asked resupply terrorists and give them time to regroup. There is no time for ceasefire. Hostages have no cease torture awarded to them.

Thank you for supreme efforts of IDF to save children, but only Hamas can save the children, and Hamas does not want to save children.

Cease Torture of innocents kidnapped by Hamas. Release all the hostages.

Hamas is a terrorist network of cowards.

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Flying a jet in a theatre of war and still upholding the tenet that to save one life is to save the world.

I rest my case.

Le Chaim! To Life!

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Heartbreaking last picture

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Lt. Col. Hecht,

Shalom v todah! Can you please make the footage of the aborted airstrike a shareable YouTube video? I am sharing your posts on Twitter with explanations, but I only post the Substack link in a subsequent tweet because Twitter blocks or bans them or something.

Also, not everybody will click on a link. For this to be seen by the widest group of people possible, it needs to be a Twitter-embeddable video. And many, many, many enormous thanks to you and all in the IDF. Just beyond grateful to every one of you.

Am Yisrael fucking chai!

PS For those of you reading here, a little something I did and tweeted. I live in Venice, California, by the way, and I'm 59 and used to vocally standing up for people and causes. (Big loudmouth tikkun olam Jew, and proud of it.) So not everyone may be up to doing this, though I hope you'd at least consider challenging your usual practice and the emotions behind it!

On a support for Israel note: Friend came over, and when I walked him out and talked for about five minutes on the sidewalk, as a person would pass on the sidewalk or across the street, I called out: "I'm a Jew!" and "I'm a Jew and I support the state of Israel."

Yes, to random passerby here in Venice, California! Felt great! Am Yisrael Fucking Chai!

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That heart-wrenching last photograph of soldiers and archeologists working together to identify those poor people who were grotesquely slain,, exemplifies the spirit of the Jewish race. Long live Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.

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It seems like placing rocket launchers in a children’s school or play room conditions the children to think this is normal life, that weapons of war go together with growing up.

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Deserve to victory everyone IDF...

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L'chaim from the UK, where the protest march has just begun....🇮🇱🇮🇱

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It is better to deceive all the people of the world with these propaganda games and other media. They are absolutely sure of your barbarism and America, England and France. It is better to deceive yourself with these propaganda games and other media. The world is completely convinced of your barbarism, America, England and France. The liars kill more than 10,000 children and women every day and night.

Liking LIKE

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بهتر است با این بازی های تبلیغاتی و رسانه‌ای دیگر خودتان را گول بزنید دیگر تمام مردم دنیا به وحشی گری های شما و آمریکا و انگلیس و فرانسه کاملا یقین دارند .درغگوها هر روز و شب کودکان و زنان را که از ۱۰۰۰۰نفر گذشته میکشید

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