These clear, factual, evidence based reports that stick to facts known at the time will be the record historians turn to for generations to come.

This is absolutely critical work under incredibly dangerous conditions.

The river of tik tok and instagram misinformation will disappear over time.

These facts will endure.

Good luck, god bless, stay safe.

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Scotland's First Minister Yousaf had a serious hissy fit when the SNP amendment calling for a ceasefire recently was voted down; many of us wondered-online- how he would react if tunnels and weapons stashes were found at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary or the Glasgow Children's Hospital.

I've shared and restacked this report, as the crucial discoveries at the Shifa Hospital need to reach a wider audience.

Am Yisrael Chai🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

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Shabat Shalam everyone.

And yet I am sure there is going to be some wise guy and/or gal who tries to shoot it down from the comfort of their couches in a free country.

To these people a word of advice - be careful what you wish for!

For all IDF - we support your combat spirit and wait for your safe return home to sing Shema Israel.

To Life!

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Quite astounding the level of hatred and jealousy that encourages them over many years to build these fortress rabbit runs across the whole strip rather than plough money into making Gaza prosper. It’s like a motivational cult of hatred.

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I've got a cold and missed that you took the press on a tour. I'm just very frustrated by the one sided coverage of the war by most of the American media.

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So Shayetet 13 is the equivalent of the Seals.

669 is equivalent of the PJs.

Shaldag I'm guessing is Delta? Rangers?

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Is it possible to share the hospital footage to an Israeli news organization and put it on the internet? The news media in America rely on CNN? Footage . Yesterday they showed a Dr and staff operating in total darkness. I'm eager to get the full story out

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Just as a civilian I am contrasting US coverage of the Israel-Hamas war with US coverage of the Russo-Ukraine war. In Ukraine the US news outlets quote sources from both sides, try to add context, let the readers make up their minds. Regarding Gaza, US news outlets accept Hamas statements regarding casualties and "indiscriminate bombing" by Israel almost without question, but quotes from the IDF are few and far between. I understand that there is "fog of war" and the best good faith reporting from Israel/ IDF will doubtless contain mistakes in real time. But both sides should be heard.

Even major outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post are doing an absolutely shameful job here.

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Stay safe.

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God speed LTC Richard Kemp as you fight the battle against misinformation and lies

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